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Our Philosophy

The Jaivik Essence does not only nurture the food products that you consume, but also nurtures, preserves and celebrates our Indian heritage and traditions of natural well-being and goodness

The Jaivik Essence is located at a silent nest of nature, in the outskirts of Jamshedpur in the Eastern belt of India. The farm focuses on growing, cultivating and preparing highest quality food products focusing on the essence of absolute purity and with zero chemicals or artificial substances added. We believe in health being the utmost form of wealth for us, humans. This is why we are committed on hygienic methods and edible food products, against the chemicalised processed food culture that has erupted over the years

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Our Practices


100% Natural Methods of Farming

At Jaivik Essence, we use our own farm-made “Jivamrut” a natural fertilizer which is made from cow urine, cow dung, gud (jaggery), besan. We do not use any other synthetic or organic fertilizer.


Free-Grazing Policy for our Cows

Our entire herd of cow free grazes on various herbs and wild grass native to our soil and their regular walks improve the blood circulation in the body which further improves their milk.


Calf has the first right on milk

We believe that our baby calves bring the joy and life to the farm and we strictly ensure that they always get their share of milk first before we start the milking process. It not only helps the mother cow feel good but also improves her baby and mother’s overall well-being.


Zero Chemical Farm

At Jaivik Essence Farm, we have a policy of not using any chemicals, additives or anything that has chemical in it. Our practices are inspired by our ancient traditional method of natural farm and we whole heartedly follow them.


Traditional Methods of Preparation

All of our food products are made using methods that are traditional, it involves a lot of sun-drying, multiple fresh water washes, usage of flame from either wood or cow dung cake only and practices like these. Not only are they time-consuming and labor-intensive but it helps us create employment and income opportunities for the native villagers of our region.

Customer Reviews

I've tried it and I really liked it. It's really refreshing. Earlier I used to drink ginger tea but I didn't like it for its strong smell and taste.. but this lemongrass tea is really light and smells good.. Thankyou very much for...

Preeti Gupta

Everything seems great and on point for a premium offering Right from packaging to product quality to customer service.

Pankaj Taneja | Ludhiyana

The product is very pure and healthy will do purchase again.

Sumo Dutta | Jamshedpur

jaivik A2 ghee is using by me in several disease for example:- 1. For each nd everything development of kids. 2. For heart wellness and healthy for adults. 3.For nosal drop to all types of patient. 4. For cough and cold. So I...


The A2 desi ghee I ordered from Jaivik is in my experience the best desi ghee available in the market made from bilona methodology and an authentic composition. Jaivik takes wholesome care of their cattle from the nutritious foo...


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Every Product Has a Story

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Jaivik Essence Amla Churna

This is Sandhya didi. She is the connoisseur behind this healthy and delicious aamla churna powder. She hopes that this product keeps you healthy and energetic in your daily life.
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Jaivik Essence Sattu

This is Gulabo didi. She is the farmer and the reaper behind this traditionally made, handcrafted sattu . She hopes that this product keeps you healthy and energetic in your daily life.
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Jaivik Essence Lemon Grass Tea

This is Diksha. She is our farm manager and the person responsible for the growth of this traditionally made, handcrafted, lemon grass tea, she hopes that this product gives you a refreshing experience.

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