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Jaivik Essence

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind Jaivik Essence was the result of a question that our Co-founder, Shreya Dubey had asked herself, “Why a food product that’s brought from a store shelf doesn’t taste as good as what’s been brought from the farms at our native village?

With time we understood that the difference of the quality was solely because of the process and practices used in the making of these products, we had achieved mechanization but with it we lost the authenticity of the food and it’s taste.

Everything now was a result of a complex process of adding chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors to everything we made.

Which made us think, “It’s not just us who might be looking for the answer to the same question”. We decided to initiate our venture and gave it the name that our offerings would personify.


Curated Products

Provide Curated Products for all product over ₹100



We ensure the product quality that is our main goal


Natural Food

Return product within 3 days for any product you buy


Free home delivery

We ensure the product quality that you can trust easily