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Jaivik Essence is a diversification initiated by the second generation of Indico group of companies, Ms. Shreya and Shubham Dubey, a brother-sister duo who became a part of Indico Group of Companies (Indico Motors Pvt. Ltd., Eastern Auto, Supreme Construction) following the footsteps of their father Mr. Sanjay Kumar Dubey, Managing Director of Indico Motors Pvt. Ltd. And Chairman of Indico Group of Companies.

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind Jaivik Essence was the result of a question that our Co-founder, Shreya Dubey had asked herself, “Why a food product that’s brought from a store shelf doesn’t taste as good as what’s been brought from the farms at our native village?

With time we understood that the difference of the quality was solely because of the process and practices used in the making of these products, we had achieved mechanization but with it we lost the authenticity of the food and it’s taste.

Everything now was a result of a complex process of adding chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors to everything we made. Which made us think, “It’s not just us who might be looking for the answer to the same question”. We decided to initiate our venture and gave it the name that our offerings would personify.

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The origin of “Jaivik Essence”

The word “Jaivik” stands for “Pure and Divine” and “Essence” stands for “The intrinsic nature of something”. We wanted the brand name to display the nature of our food products with our intention to serve them.

Our methods of making our food products are inspired by ancient traditional practices of the Indian origin.

The nature of “What we offer”

Our methods of making our food products are inspired by ancient traditional practices of the Indian origin.

Our products are:

  • Hand Made with authentic ingredients.
  • Single Origin.
  • Free from artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, preservatives.
  • Only authentic methods of preparation are used.
  • Organically Grown.
  • Made using 100% sustainable practices in small batches by the native people of Jharkhand and Bihar.
  • Made in small batches.
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Our Philosophy

Offer what is pure in its existence, natural in its origin and authentic in its taste.

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Our Vision and Mission

We envision to bestow the worldwith purity of food which is the gift oftradition by offeringfoodproducts that customers cansavour with pride, for what’s ontheir plate is a gift for their health and well-being.

To produce food products that arepure in nature, made using traditional methods, is of highquality and are non-adulterated.We believe in keeping thetransparency of its making to build trust with them and let them feel empathetic towards what they consume.

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Our Intention

To offer our customers hand-made, authentic and natural food products made with the finest practices inspired by our Indian tradition.

To increase awareness amongst the people about the benefits of consuming pure, free-from, authentic and traditional products.

To achieve sustainable urbanization by offering straight from farm food products that are made using sustainable practices only.

To help our community of Jharkhand and Bihar by availing their craft of making food products to our consumers and help them build a sustainablelifestyle.

To create a mix of traditional and technological practices in our food preparation and spread this practice all across the villages of Jharkhand.

Our Practices


100% Natural Methods of Farming

At Jaivik Essence, we use our own farm-made “Jivamrut” a natural fertilizer which is made from cow urine, cow dung, gud (jaggery), besan. We do not use any other synthetic or organic fertilizer.


Free-Grazing Policy for our Cows

Our entire herd of cow free grazes on various herbs and wild grass native to our soil and their regular walks improve the blood circulation in the body which further improves their milk.


Calf has the first right on milk

We believe that our baby calves bring the joy and life to the farm and we strictly ensure that they always get their share of milk first before we start the milking process. It not only helps the mother cow feel good but also improves her baby and mother’s overall well-being.


Zero Chemical Farm

At Jaivik Essence Farm, we have a policy of not using any chemicals, additives or anything that has chemical in it. Our practices are inspired by our ancient traditional method of natural farm and we whole heartedly follow them.


Traditional Methods of Preparation

All of our food products are made using methods that are traditional, it involves a lot of sun-drying, multiple fresh water washes, usage of flame from either wood or cow dung cake only and practices like these. Not only are they time-consuming and labor-intensive but it helps us create employment and income opportunities for the native villagers of our region.