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Our parboiled is a staple rice which is native to the regions of Jharkhand and Bihar, it is a soft and thick variety of rice which is unpolished so the layer of the rice grain has its nutritional value preserved.

Our rice is prepared using traditional method of parboiling which involves boiling of rice grains when it is under its shell (dhaan) in lukewarm water a couple of minutes.

The reason behind adopting this process is that during parboiling the rice grains absorb maximum nutrients from their bran, bran is the food storage for the rice grain and during this process it releases more nutrients to the rice grains. Hence, making the rice grains have more high nutrient value.

How do we make our parboiled rice?

  • The rice plants (dhaan) are grown using natural methods of farming only, we use only our farm made Jivamrut (A natural fertilizer made at our farm itself) as a fertilizer for soil nourishment.
  • After the dhaan is reached its full height, it is harvested and hand beaten to separate the rice grain from the dhan.
  • We then start our parboiling process of rice, the grains are first soaked in warm water for 12 hours, then it is parboiled in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes.
  • The rice grains are then sun-dried and de-husked to get our Jaivik Essence Parboiled Rice.

Fun Facts about our parboiled rice:

  • It is made using traditional methods of preparation only, it is made in small batches by the local women of our community in Jharkhand.
  • We use Sonar variety of rice, sona-masuri. This variety is native to Jharkhand region, the native villagers of Jharkhand consume this rice for its long-lasting slow release of energy while they work at their farm.

Our parboiled rice takes a little longer to cook than the standard rice and it digests faster than the standard white rice or other varieties of rice.

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