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Jaivik Essence

Our Intention

To offer our customers hand-made, authentic and natural food products made with the finest practices inspired by our Indian tradition.

To increase awareness amongst the people about the benefits of consuming pure, free-from, authentic and traditional products.

To achieve sustainable urbanization by offering straight from farm food products that are made using sustainable practices only.

To help our community of Jharkhand and Bihar by availing their craft of making food products to our consumers and help them build a sustainable lifestyle.

To create a mix of traditional and technological practices in our food preparation and spread this practice all across the villages of Jharkhand.


Curated Products

Provide Curated Products for all product over ₹100



We ensure the product quality that is our main goal


Natural Food

Return product within 3 days for any product you buy


Free home delivery

We ensure the product quality that you can trust easily