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Our A2 Desi Ghee is authentic in its origin and its preparation. It is prepared from the unadulterated A2 milk of Native indigenous cows that are not given any oxytocin or hormonal injections to increase their milk capacity. At least 22 L of pure A2 milk gives us 1 L jar of this A2 desi ghee.

The ghee is made at our own farm in small batches to achieve the traditional precision of the quality. It is made from dahi (curd) instead of malai (cream), we do not use any artificial enzymes to convert the milk of our cows into curd, we add curd prepared from our a2 milk in the milk to convert it into curd, hence maintaining a natural method of preparing dahi.

We use hand-churned vedic bilona method (Bilona Padyati) to separate the fresh makkhan (butter) from the chaas (buttermilk), the butter milk is given to our desi cows during summers for improving their gut health and also used in preparing our natural fertilizer.

The butter is then heated in a cast iron kadhai (skillet) under cow dung flame or wooden flame only, as per the vedic tradition, even the source of flame has an impact on the quality of the ghee prepared by it so we ensure that to be natural as well.

The butter is then reduced to the pure liquid gold which is our final product.

Fun facts about our A2 desi ghee:

  • It takes one week of preparation to make 1 L of A2 desi ghee.
  • It is made in small batches from the milk of Sahiwal, Rathi and Tharparker cow breeds.
  • It can be consumed and applied by all age groups depending upon the requirement of the user.
  • Consuming one tablespoon of A2 desi ghee in turmeric milk with some black pepper helps improve immune system.
  • It serves various ayurvedic practices that involve usage of ghee prepared from vedic method to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


How do we treat our cows at the farm?

  • Our heart and soul

We make sure to take care of our cow whole heartedly, they are the heart and soul of our farm as cows are not only our source of milk but also for the cow dung and their cow urine as well which is used for preparing our fertilizers at our farm itself.

  • Open Grazing Policy

We have an open grazing policy for the cows where they feed on various herbs, napier grass and wild grass native to our region that has a lot benefits on their health as well. Open grazing helps improve blood circulation and provides them with necessary exercise.

  • Calf’s milk first!

Calf has the first right on the milk! we make sure to share the milk with the calf first because the first step to keeping a cow happy is to keep her child with her.

  • A balanced diet

We give them a mix of grass fed and grain fed diet to provide them with a balanced nutrition with occasional treats of jaggery because they love it.

  • Endless Pampering

Our cows are given daily baths and also regular checkups are done for their health, we use only ayurvedic medicines or home remedies to treat them, they are given regular massages and also regular rubs under their neck because they love getting pampered while milking. We use wood pressed oil only to massage their udders before the milking starts to improve the udder health and blood circulation.

  • A family like environment

They’re kept together in a safe and enclosed environment during resting periods where they all stay together like family, cows are herd animals and like to stay together at all times.



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