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Our amla churna (gooseberry powder) is a great natural digestive that can be consumed at anytime of the day. It improves gut health, is a great source of Vitamin C, it is made from 100% Gooseberry only. There are no preservatives, colors, additives or even permitted substances involved in this mix.

It is made from wild gooseberries that are native to Jharkhand region which have a longer natural shelf life in comparison to the other varieties of gooseberries in the country. Amla is any form is a powerhouse of vitamin C and various minerals.

Our churna recipe is inspired from the age-old recipe that our ancestors used to prepare, it is 100% traditionally made and we add only salt, hing and ajwain in the mix which also aids good digestion.

How do we make our amla churna?

  • The gooseberries are washed, cut and grated in finer form and then it is sun-dried completely to make it into a ripe and shredded amla.
  • It is then grinded into a fine powder in home grinder in small batches and left for cooling for a couple of minutes.
  • We add kala namak (black salt), hing (Asafoetida), ajwain (carom seed powder) in it and mix it well.

Fun fact about our churna:

  • It is made using traditional methods of preparation only, it is made in small batches by the local women of our community in Jharkhand.
  • It can be consumed in the morning empty stomach with warm water or even raw if you like tangy flavor, it can also be consumed after meals for improves digestion.

The amla used in the amla churna does not go through machine which helps it naturally dry itself under the sun, this process helps the food to stay closer to its raw form.


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