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Our sattu powder is a red gram flour powder made from lal chana (red grams) which is sourced from our native village of Chapra, Bihar. Sattu is a staple addition in our diet, it is used in various methods and is consumed in various forms.

 It can be consumed as an amazing meal replacement drink which is prepared by mixing it (as per your preference and appetite) in cold water, you can make it tangy/sour by adding some black salt and sprinkling some lemon on top or you can make it sweet by adding some jaggery or coconut sugar or any other sustainable form of sugar and mixing it with the drink.

You can also make sattu roti or sattu parathas with it occasionally (twice or thrice in a week). It is a 100% pure source of complex carbohydrates and it is really high in protein as well. (19.65 gm in 100 gm).

The sattu is prepared at our native village in Chapra district in Bihar by the local villagers.

How do we make our sattu ?

  • The red grams are dry roasted in a traditional iron skillet under wooden flame, we make a sand base on top of which the red grams are dry roasted first. We do not use any sort of oil for roasting it, we do not use any machinery for the roasting process.
  • The roasted red grams are then grinded into a powder which is then cooled down and is traditionally filtered by strainers, each sample is taste tested by the makers themselves before approving the batch.
  • We ensure to make our sattu in small batches only, to ensure no mixture of whole wheat or simple flours. Jaivik Essence Sattu Powder is a 100% Lal Chana Sattu.

Fun facts about our sattu:

  • It is a great meal replacement drink powder which is filling yet keeps your gut cool, you can have energy for hours in your fast running lifestyle just with a single glass of sattu drink.
  • It is a great source of vegan friendly protein as well, as compared to millets or other malt drinks, sattu can give you almost 10 gm of protein in 50 gm sattu.
  • The purity of our sattu lies in its inconsistent mix, the texture of our sattu is grainy because it is not mixed with any maida or atta, also it is traditionally made.

Sattu is not just a meal replacement drink, it can be used for making rotis and parathas, you can make laddoos with it as well which taste delicious. Our staple food in Bihar “Litti” is also stuffed with sattu.

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