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Our nimbu achar is a special offering, made from whole lemons these pickles have a rich aroma and a tangy flavor which can add flavor to even the simple meals.

A tiny portion of the whole pickle is enough for the entire meal, it is a great source of vitamin C as it is basically whole lemons pickled with salt only. No extra masalas or oil is used in the pickling of it.

This unique method of pickling is native our Jharkhand state, so you may find it to be different in appearance but you will fall for the taste after having it once.

Another different thing about this pickle is that you can actually notice the seeds of the lemon fruit in it.

Our pickles are one of the earliest offerings that we have since our beginning, they are all hand made and traditionally prepared using only natural raw material that is sourced straight from farms, they are made using whole, grated or sliced fruits depending upon the variety of the pickle and what form suits it the best.

The pickles are made at our own farm using traditional methods of preparation, the fruits are first washed multiple times in freshwater and then sun-dried till it’s ripe, we do not use any machine processing to dry roast the fruits.
We use fine form of masalas which includes haldi, jeera….which are naturally grown, we add them in our fruits and hand mix it well with a big spoon to perfection.

We use wood pressed mustard oil only to prepare the mix of pickles which is then stored in glass jar or matki jar (traditional jar) and ferment it for 14-15 days, our methods are inspired by ancient Indian practices of making pickles. 
We do not use any artificial colors, preservatives or even permitted preservatives, the only preservative used in our pickles is the salt (senha namak) which is a natural form of salt usually consumed during upwaas (fasts) and festivals.

Fun facts about our pickles:

  • All of our pickles have the same masala mix except lemon yet they taste different from each other.
  • Our preparation enhances the fruit’s taste in the pickle and not just the masala mixed in it.
  • Wood pressed mustard oil is sourced from our native region of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Who makes our achar?

The women at our workplace
All our pickles are prepared by our tribal women from the native regions of Bihar and Jharkhand, a recipe inspired by the traditional way with which we have been preparing our pickles for generations.

The Recipe
The recipe is prepared and tested by the founding members of Jaivik Essence Mrs. Rina Dubey, Mrs. Archana Gautam and Mrs. Sandhya didi who prepares these pickles along with our tribal women at farm.

Whole masalas only!
We use only whole masalas that are mixed with our fruit, it makes the taste authentic and rich, when you take in the aroma of our achar after opening the bottles you realize in an instant that it is a classic Indian achar, not the store brought cheaply processed pickles.


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